About Us

Our value is the Service

Welcome to Tooth King Dental Studio Ltd.! Tooth King is a full service, certified dental laboratory located in Richmond, BC Canada. It is established in 2011 by a professional technician group. Two of our technicians (Mr. Hsiao and Mr. Wong) have been serving the dental industry with their excellent skills and extensive working experience for over 20 years. We have been and will always serve our dentists with our professionalism and passion.

By constantly developing our skills and knowledge, we achieve our mission of providing high quality lab products and customer satisfaction. We believe we are not only serving our dentists, but also assisting them to prepare better care for individual patient. That’s why we make great effort on communicating with our dentists. Our professional technicians are always available for consolations in every case.

Meanwhile, Tooth King measures each patient’s need carefully. We are adept in implants and cosmetic dentistry cases. Our manager, Mr. Hsiao is an expert in that field. He personally supervises every product send to us. Besides, we are also available for emergency dental service. Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Everyone at Tooth King Dental Studio appreciates your business. We wish to extend a sincere thanks to our customers for their continued patronage and a cordial welcome to new customers. We look forward for your beautiful smile.